One of the key factors in the success of BFEW as a contractor is a pool of well-maintained heavy and light construction equipment. The company invested in its team of engineers, certified technicians, electricians, state of the art machine shop, huge inventory of original and brand new spare parts, all housed in a 3.5 acre of yard and motor pool.

BFEW has its own machine shop with a huge inventory of spare parts and maintenance covered motor pool in a 3.5 acre compound in Sripur and Sarker Market. Here, the heavy equipment is not only stored, but maintained for maximum efficiency by the company's well-trained mechanics for high performance in every job. Here, the company's undercarriage division uses hydraulic tools and undertakes engine overhaul, steel fabrication, painting, welding, electrical and other equipment maintenance works.

Among the equipment that the company maintains are pipe layers (Side Booms), cranes, excavates, welding machines, air compressors, sand blasting machines, vibratory compactors, generators, barge for river transportation and other light and heavy equipment’s with complete accessories.

Because the company always remains up-to-date on technical developments in the industry, its list of equipment is constantly expanding. Of the total inventory of the company's equipment, 75% were purchased brand-new and still counting. Our automated equipment management system helps monitor, control and execute procurement, maintenance, repairs, spare parts management, stringent inspection and major revaluing.

  • company always remains up-to-date with the technical developments in the industry. 95%